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Team Coordinators

You’ll be amazed as you watch your students write, illustrate and publish a book in one day!

This competition is a fun way to help kids with serious illness. Funds raised through sponsorship go towards childhood cancer research.

Here is a quick guide of the process required to set up teams and get sponsorship for Write a Book in a Day.

1. RegisterOnce you’ve done this, you can log into the Team Coordinator Portal.

team coordinator portal

2. From your Team Coordinator Portal, you can add a new team. You can add multiple teams under a single registration. Only one registration is required per school/group. Please consult with other staff/members of your group to ensure there is only one registration.   

Before you can add individual team members, permission needs to be gained from the parents/guardians of participants under 18. To make things easier, we’ve written a Parent Permission Letter to download and print. The letter requests the parent/guardian email address which will be used to receive their child’s login details and information for their Individual Sponsorship Page.

You’ll find the letter available to download once you have created a team. You can also download it on our Resources page.

3) Once permission has been granted, the team member’s details can be added.

Once these fields have been filled in, the parent/guardian will receive an email on behalf of their child which contains their unique username and password. It also has an editable section that can be emailed out to family and friends seeking sponsorship.

4)   With the child’s username and password, the team member can now log in to the Student Portal where they can access both their Individual and Team Sponsorship Pages.

5)  On the ‘Pay Fees’ tab in the Team Coordinator Portal, the entry fee and minimum sponsorship can be paid (if school is paying the sponsorship). On the Individual and Team Sponsorship Page, friends and family can sponsor the student.

payment information write a book in a day

For more information on the competition, head to our Resources and FAQ pages.

If schools choose to, the payment of $70 entry and $240 minimum sponsorship can be paid by the school allowing the students to participate in Write a Book in a Day without seeking sponsorship.

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The cause

Your participation in Write a Book in a Day supports The Kids’ Cancer Project and research into finding kinder, more effective treatments for childhood cancers.
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Get the most out of your writing day. Use our templates to help craft your masterpiece!  

Awards and Prizes

You could WIN an award for your book or illustrations or prizes for fundraising.