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Every dollar you raise will help fund research into kinder, more effective treatments for childhood cancer. It's easier than you think to fundraise - follow our quick tips.

Set a goal

Setting yourself a fundraising target is a great way to motivate other people to donate to your page and it gives you something to aim towards. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious with your goal, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can reach it – and if you exceed it, great! There’s no such thing as raising too much money and you might just land yourself a fundraising prize!

Remember who it’s for

Personalise your sponsorship page with a blurb telling people why you’re fundraising for childhood cancer research and why you need their support. Better treatments to help more kids survive cancer are only possible if we all pull together to help fund research!
You can even tell them a little bit about what their money could fund, for example, a donation of $54 can fund a researcher for one hour!
While you’re there, don’t forget to add a photo to help people identify your page.

Be the first

Who better to get the ball rolling than you! Donate to your own page to kick off your fundraising − it will encourage other people to get involved too.

Shout about it!

People won’t just stumble on your fundraising page; you’ve got to get out there and get shouting about it!
There are so many ways to let people know: from just telling people in person, to sharing your page on social media, via email or on Whatsapp. You could even print a poster with a link to your fundraising page on it and put it up around your community, or, ask your parents if they’ll share you fundraising page with their colleagues at work!

Don’t forget to remind people

Even with the best will in the world, life can get busy and sometimes people just forget!  If someone said they’d donate and haven’t, don’t be afraid to politely ask them again if they are still happy to!

Get creative!


There are loads of great ways to fundraise individually or as part of your team – here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Ask your school to hold a mufti day and dress as a literary character
  • Organise a used book sale
  • Approach your local Rotary Club to ask if they’ll sponsor your team. At the end of Write a Book in a Day, organise the team to give a talk and personally present a copy of the finished book to the club.


  • Complete some extra chores at home or around the community in return for a donation to your fundraising page
  • Get crafty – make bookmarks or hair scrunchies to sell
  • Ask a local business to match any donations to your fundraising page