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You can write a book for kids in hospital and transform their day by transporting them to another time, place or even dimension through the power of your imaginative words and pictures!

This competition is also a fun way to help kids with serious illness as funds raised through sponsorship go towards finding kinder, more effective treatments for childhood cancer.

Everyone in your team will be given their own online sponsorship page to share with friends and family. Prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers.

Will your book win one of the State, Territory and National book awards? There are awards for Best Book and Best Illustrations to be won.

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to your team coordinator, create a team and get ready to write a book in a day.

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About the competition

Your participation in Write a Book in a Day supports The Kids’ Cancer Project and research into finding kinder, more effective treatments for childhood cancers.
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Writing Tips

Get the most out of your writing day. Use our templates to help craft a masterpiece! You’ll also find videos from authors and competition judges with writing and illustration tips.

Awards and Prizes

You could WIN an award for your book or illustrations. Individual and Team fundraising prizes are also up for grabs!