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Write a Book in a Day 2023 – fundraising winners announcement!

This year’s competition not only saw a record turnout of creative crews from every state in Australia but also a fundraising record to support vital kids’ cancer research! Read on to find out which teams and individual writers rose to the very top and raised the most.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the writers and illustrators who put their creativity onto the page this year and fundraised. Your dedication helped to raise a mind-blowing total of $901,045 – our highest fundraising total to date!

That incredible figure is more than just a (very) big number, that funding is essential to helping some of Australia’s best scientists develop more effective treatments for kids with cancer. It could help fund thousands of hours of expert research, countless pieces of specialist equipment or even open cutting-edge clinical trials to give kids access to the very newest cancer treatments.

Most importantly, your fundraising efforts could help more kids like Millie survive cancer. For Millie, a brand-new drug, funded by people like you, very simply saved her life. Her dad, Kevin says:

“I read all about this lady who developed the chemo drug that saved Millie − it made me realise that research funding is the important bit. If we don’t have these people developing these drugs, Millie, who’s now 11, would be dead.” 

The only way to ensure more kids like Millie survive cancer is to fund more research, and thanks to you, that’s exactly what’s happening. Every year the survival rate of kids’ cancer goes up, each percentage represents real kids like Millie who are able to enjoy life free from cancer and the fear of dying, all thanks to the work of people like you.

That is the true power of your book this year and your fundraising work – you should be very proud!

Fundraising winners announced!

With over 1,939 teams taking part in this year’s writing challenge, competition for the top spot was fiercer than ever! But for each category, there can only be one winner! Without further ado, find out who took home the top spots below:

Top Individual Fundraisers

 1st Alisa S. from Barker College: $4,855

2nd Hollie S. from Holy Rosary Primary School Doubleview: $3,307

3rd Emily C. from Arden Junior School: $2,988

Top Team Fundraisers

1st Arden Junior, Arden Primary School: $10,585

2nd Barker Team 10, Barker College: $9,081

3rd Ryde East Writers, Ryde East Public School: $4,162

Prize Draw winner

Barker Team 2, Barker College

After the competition, third-placed fundraiser Emily C from Arden Junior School said:

“Doing Write a Book in a Day was such a fun and enjoyable experience, especially drawing and illustrating the book. My team and I had to write and draw a book in the same room for 12 hours, which was a challenge.

“I hope that all the children can enjoy the books that were created and all the money that was raised will help The Kids’ Cancer Project fund even more research.”

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s competition, without you, it simply wouldn’t be such an inspiring and successful competition. Thank you for taking part, for your incredible fundraising work and for helping fund vital kids’ cancer research.

Can’t wait for next year’s Write a Book in a Day? Email [email protected] and we’ll let you know as soon as registration opens!