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Webinar: Tips on running a virtual competition day

As COVID lockdowns continue to impact the school year, we chat with Team Coordinators, Kylie and Alicia for tips on running Write a Book in a Day online.

This webinar is approximately 45 minutes and is a Q&A format.

  1. How did you prepare for the writing day? (3:30)
  2. How did you prepare your students for the writing day? (8:52)
  3. Did you have a timeline for the day or planned schedule? (12:41)
  4. Did you provide any special communications to parents before the writing day? (16:54)
  5. What tools did you and the students use during the day? Eg Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Docs. (19:18)
  6. How did the students work on illustrations? (20:42)
  7. Tell us about any times you had to intervene to help motivate or focus the students; what happened and how did you do it? (25:13)
  8. What was the overall feedback from the students? (29:03)
  9. Any tips for making sure all students felt comfortable/ included/ that everyone had a voice when sharing their ideas? (30:27)
  10. What were the challenges of the day and is there anything you would do differently? (32:30)