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Scribey Vibes - SACS JS

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St Andrew's Cathedral School
Primary School
8th June 2021

Team Information

Thank you for supporting Scribey Vibes in the 2021 Write a Book in a Day competition! We need to raise at least $240 so our book can be in the running for a state or national award.

Your donation will not only help us, it helps kids with cancer.

Write a Book in a Day has contributed more than $1 million to bold childhood cancer research since 2009 through The Kids' Cancer Project.

Please dig deep! Every donation brings us one step closer to ending childhood cancer for the 950 children diagnosed every year in Australia.

You are awesome. Thank You!

Jessica, Ethan, Alex, Lily, Ella, Amy, Isaac, Emily, Adele and Violet - AKA Scribey Vibes.

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