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Maggies Year 5 and 6

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St Margaret's Anglican Girls School (ASCOT)
Primary School
15th July 2022

Team Information

The Maggies Year 5 and 6 team are a group of passionate and creative authors and illustrators. They are looking forward to embracing the challenge of writing and publishing a book within one day!

Thank you for supporting our team's effort in this year's Write a Book in a Day competition! We need to raise at least $240 so our book can be in the running for a state or national award.

Your donation will not only help us, it helps kids with cancer. Write a Book in a Day has contributed more than $1 million to bold childhood cancer research since 2009 through The Kids' Cancer Project.

Please dig deep! The more you give, the better our chances for winning a fundraising award.

Plus, every donation brings us one step closer to ending childhood cancer for the 950 children diagnosed every year in Australia.

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