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Hail and Well Met

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Hail and Well Met
12th September 2020

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Hail and Well Met!

Your journey has brought you here, to the wilderness of our sponsorship page... but the question is, where will you go from here?

We challenge you to help us fight one of the biggest challenges, Kids Cancer, and support the Hail and Well Met team to raise HEAPS of money for this amazing charity.

As last year's National Open Division Winners, we have a lot to live up to, and a lot to prove, so make it worth while and help us do the best we can and donate now!

Thank you for supporting our team's effort in the 2020 Write a Book in a Day competition! We need to raise at least $240 to ensure our book is eligible to be judged and be in the running for a state or national award.

Your donation will not only help us; it will also help kids with cancer.

The Write a Book in a Day competition has contributed over $1 million towards childhood cancer research since 2009 through The Kids' Cancer Project who also distribute the books to children undergoing treatment in hospitals all over Australia.

Dig deep! The more you can give the better our chances are for winning a special sponsorship fundraising award.

The Kids' Cancer Project was founded in 1993 by Col Reynolds who decided to step up and do something to help children with cancer. Since 2005 more than $36 million has been given to research projects across Australia, thanks to community support.

Science is making an impact, providing new treatment options and giving hope to the children and young adolescents diagnosed each year. Every donation is one step closer to ending childhood cancer.

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