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A Winner’s Guide to WABIAD!

Multi-award winning 2020 Write a Book in a Day team Book Busters 4.0 give us their tips on how to plan to perfection, deal with a deadline and offer their advice to other teams!


It is natural to come against some challenges across the day. One of the team reflects, that time is a big factor in making your day a success. There are ways to overcome this as a team such as a strict time schedule and making sure there is someone to keep an eye on the clock.

“Everyone has a voice” is how Book Busters 4.0 made sure that the team worked together, and everyone was able to share ideas. Make one of your team the ‘scribe’ to write up the ideas on a white board to help explore the parameters and random words together.

Team spirit! Staying on task as a team, means taking breaks and making sure you take time to enjoy the day too. Taking lots of breaks and making time for a treat (The Book Busters 4.0 love ice cream) are just as important to keep morale high.

For the full hints and tips we have four videos to share with you: