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2022 Winners Announced!

First thing first – a huge well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Write a Book in a Day. It’s no mean feat to put together an epic, fully illustrated novel in 12 hours, but that’s exactly what 11,494 of you did! Read on to find out who took home the top prizes. 

Before we announce the winners, we also owe you a massive thank you for your dedicated fundraising efforts. The $792,423 you have helped to raise will help scientists develop kinder and more effective treatments for kids with cancer.  

Your incredible books will also be made available to children’s hospitals throughout Australia, bringing a great sense of comfort and a welcome distraction to kids who are facing an incredibly difficult battle. Explore the books and read the next generation of authors.

“Creating joy for children with cancer in hospitals was incredibly inspiring and heart-warming. Staying isolated in a room with the same people for 12 hours was a challenge, and certainly made me wonder how tough it would be to be residing in a room for days, weeks, or months as a young person.”

2022 in numbers

With teams entering from across Australia, 2022 was our biggest year ever! In total, there were:
  • 1,565 teams 

  • 11,494 individual writers 

  • $792,423 raised for kids’ cancer research 

Congratulations to our national winners! 

The display of talent and creativity across the entire competition was truly impressive, but each category can only have one winner! And the winners are…

Primary School  
Best Book: Plan Bee, The Sublime Sixes, King’s Christian College 
Best Illustration:  Plan Bee, The Sublime Sixes, King’s Christian College 


Middle School
Best Book: Thief in the Themepark, PLC Year 9, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
Best Illustration: Potted Plague, Fenestra to the soul, Pymble Ladies’ College 

Upper School 
Best Book: Spider Roots, The Elmos, Davidson High
Best Illustration: The Intergalactic Shearer, Nucleumbers, Mercedes College


Best Book: Heidi and Prince, The Magnificent Six 
Best Illustration: The Pigeon and the Thief, A-Team 

“I’m truly amazed at the compassion and creativity this event sparks in our students each year. Our senior school team was adamant that they’d develop a book to communicate a message of hope and joy to their audience. Their heartfelt consideration of audience, teamwork, problem-solving, as well as language and artistic skills, is inspirational and a testament to what wonderfully caring and talented young people they are.”

We couldn’t agree more Isaac! Thank you, congratulations, and see you next year! 

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