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Our Goal: $500.00

The Ink Fam

Elwood Primary School
Primary School
29th July 2018

Proudly Supporting The Kids' Cancer Project Sponsor Now

Team Information

Thank you for supporting our team's effort in the 2018 Write a Book in a Day competition! We need to raise at least $240 to ensure our book is eligible to be judged and be in the running for a state or national award.

Your donation will not only help us; it will also help kids with cancer.

The Write a Book in a Day competition has contributed $431,000 towards childhood cancer research since 2009 through The Kids' Cancer Project who also distribute the books to children undergoing treatment in hospitals all over Australia.

Dig deep! The more you can give the better our chances are for winning a special sponsorship fundraising award.

The Kids' Cancer Project was founded in 1993 by Col Reynolds who decided to step up and do something to help children with cancer. Twenty years later more than $30 million has been given to research projects across Australia, thanks to community support.

Science is making an impact, providing new treatment options and giving hope to the children and young adolescents diagnosed each year. Every donation is one step closer to ending childhood cancer.


Name Date Amount
Adreanne Carey 13th September 2018 $50.00
Alicia Davidge 1st September 2018 $50.00
Julia Kernaghan 31st August 2018 $50.00
Andrew Clements 31st August 2018 $25.00
Jodie de Vries 31st August 2018 $20.00
Elwood Primary School 30th August 2018 $100.00
Sarah Clair 30th August 2018 $25.00
Sophie MacKinnon 29th August 2018 $10.00
Peter Carey 29th August 2018 $50.00
EMMA ISAACS 29th August 2018 $100.00
Dani and Nick 29th August 2018 $100.00
Sachi Crane 29th August 2018 $10.00
PK-KT Kernaghan 28th August 2018 $100.00
Lesley Kernaghan 28th August 2018 $100.00
Peter and Julie Davidge 28th August 2018 $50.00
Melissa Hardham 28th August 2018 $50.00
Melinda McDonell 27th August 2018 $10.00
Kimbly Thomas 27th August 2018 $70.00
Samantha Swell 27th August 2018 $20.00
Tilda's Family 27th August 2018 $100.00
Katrina Steel 25th August 2018 $20.00
Michael and Susannah Smith 25th August 2018 $50.00
matthew murtagh 25th August 2018 $50.00
Matthew Eggleton 22nd August 2018 $25.00
Campbell Smith 22nd August 2018 $50.00
Denise Soutar 15th August 2018 $25.00
Helen Hardham 14th August 2018 $20.00
Michael and Gail Virgona 14th August 2018 $30.00
Zali and Evie 12th August 2018 $50.00
Nicole Richards 12th August 2018 $100.00
KJ Farley 7th August 2018 $50.00
Sher Ned Lola Irving 4th August 2018 $20.00
Dan Kernaghan 3rd August 2018 $50.00
Lahra Carey 2nd August 2018 $50.00
Sarah Crane 2nd August 2018 $20.00
Caroline Heath 2nd August 2018 $20.00
Jill Crane 2nd August 2018 $50.00
James Crane 2nd August 2018 $20.00
Richard Crane 1st August 2018 $50.00
Anonymous 1st August 2018 $20.00

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