Why write a book?

The experience is an opportunity to develop literacy skills while working in a team and contributing positively to the community.

The published books are shared with children aged 10-16 years who are patients in hospital.

These books provide hours of entertaining reading for the children and the funds generated through the competition go to childhood cancer research.

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The cause

Your participation in Write a Book in a Day supports The Kids’ Cancer Project and research into finding kinder, more effective treatments for childhood cancers.
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Get the most out of your writing day. Use our templates to help craft your masterpiece!  

Awards and Prizes

You could WIN an award for your book or illustrations or prizes for fundraising.

Students take control

Write a Book in a Day is known for twists and turns! This year we’re putting the task of sponsorship firmly in the students’ hands. 

Awards and Prizes

Along with bragging rights, there are State, Territory and National book awards to be won, along with prizes for top team and individual fundraisers.  

Why write a book?

Write a Book in a Day is a fun team activity that challenges participants to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary.